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Are you concerned that your child could see inappropriate online content? Do you ever think twice before making an online purchase? Do you worry about your privacy being compromised when shopping online? One of the few things that are free these days is viruses. These viruses can be annoying, unwelcome and even cause complete mayhem to your computer. Your computer will become infected if it isn’t protected. Internet security is the best choice, even though antivirus does help protect computers from some of the most serious threats. Visit before reading this.

Internet security can be very different from antivirus. It is a mixture of several programs to protect users and prevent them from viruses as well as internet-related threats. An important feature of internet security, aside from protecting against viruses, it also helps build firewalls to keep unwanted access from a computer and restrict access to applications and programs on the internet that may pose security threats. Internet security can help you if you are at risk from spyware and malware, which try to steal information from your computer.

There are 2100 new viruses created every month according to statistics. Adware, malware, spyware and malicious code can infect computers. If clicked on, it can steal users’ personal data and use that information to commit identity theft. The internet security software provides users with protection from virus, Trojans malware, viruses and phishing.

2012 saw some major companies adopt key features to ensure that computers were protected from online threats. These features made it possible for users to be protected from malware and viruses.

Anti-phishing is a feature that ensures users don’t give out passwords or personal bank details. This feature stores usernames and passwords, fills up the required forms and eliminates phishing.

– Internet security software will check if the website you visited is safe. If transactions are required, it will open the site in a safe, protected, and secured manner. Phishing is eliminated.

Key loggers often store the information that you have typed on your keyboard and can hack your accounts. The majority of internet security software protects against this threat by implementing a special protection that makes it impossible for key loggers to see what you have written.

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