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You must make nutrition a priority in your life to achieve the best results. A solid nutrition plan is essential to achieve great results. Accept this fact. Do not be discouraged. Healthy eating can be fun. While it might not be as easy to eat healthy food as fast food, there’s an old saying that says it all. “Nothing good ever came easily.” This is my meal prep service to help you.

These are my favorite meals to add to my diet to make sure I’m eating well.

1. My Morning Smoothie

A smoothie is a combination of a banana and rolled oatmeal, natural peanut butter, blueberries, and protein powder. I have one almost every morning. I combine everything in my Magic Bullet, and within minutes I have a healthy and delicious meal.

2. Raw Nuts

Although this is not exactly a meal, you should still include healthy snacks throughout the day to fuel your metabolism and keep your cravings under control. Make sure you are choosing the best nuts. Do not eat honey-roasted chocolate or honey-coated chocolate. You can try a few raw almonds and pecans.

3. Chicken Salad

For lunch and snacks, I always pack a few fresh salads every evening. I make a salad with spinach or lettuce, and then add some chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, and half an avocado. A dressing made with oil is what I prefer. To be sincere, I use only extra virgin olive oil. All the flavour comes directly from the vegetables and chicken.

4. Stir Fry

This is one of my favorite places that I haven’t visited in a while. It tastes delicious. I will either use a chicken breast or lean beef cut and then chop it into small pieces. I fry it up and then add in some mushrooms, brown rice or broccoli. For flavor, I’ll add some balsamic vinegar and soy sauce to the mixture after it has been cooked. This stuff is delicious!

5. Chicken Fajitas

Wrapping is the only thing that doesn’t make this great. No matter what bread or wrap type you are looking at, you will not know the majority of the ingredients. It’s not the greatest thing so I always try to buy whole grain wraps. You can cut some chicken breasts into small pieces and fry them with extra virgin olive oil. Then add some mushrooms and peppers. You can also add chicken fajita flour and salsa to the dish. My favorite meal!

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